Saturday, November 15, 2014

One man's junk

I love junk. And I love the hunt for junk. 

Last weekend, I hopped in my car and headed out to the countryside.

And found lots of these little churches on my way...

And I found these three, seatless and crusty old chairs. They were $8 each. And hopefully soon they will be a bench in my kitchen providing some extra seating.

And I found three rusty bed springs. For now, I just stuck one in my fall table centerpiece. But have you seen the fun things people have been doing with bed springs? Candle holders, and snowmen and artwork - oh the possibilities...

And finally, I bought two wooden racks that used to be attached to church pews to hold bibles and song books. They fit perfectly at the bottom of two window screens I had bought years ago. I screwed them to my kitchen wall to organize the kid's school papers. I call my masterpiece organized chaos.

Ahhh, a successful weekend of junking. Nothing else feels so sweet.

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