Monday, January 5, 2015

My Create Closet

I celebrated 2015 by cleaning out a closet. But not just any closet. It's a long, large closet off of our family room. We affectionately call it the "garage closet" because the family room and closet are an addition to our house that is located over the garage - which means it gets really really cold. But it's really our coat/toy/craft/anything goes closet. And for 300 days out of the year, it's quite a mess. Every once in a while I go in and leave with a few garbage bags of old stuff that I donate or get rid of entirely. And that's all I had planned last weekend - to purge a few old things to make room for all the goodies Santa brought the kids. 

Until it struck me...

Why not take part of the closet, add a desk and some peg board to the wall and transform it into my own little craft area? Or better yet, I'll call it my create closet! But I wanted to do it on the cheap. The last few months had been expensive with the holidays - so I challenged my husband to build the space with as many materials as we had on hand. 

I was excited. My husband, not so much. But after I cleaned out the space and made a few trips to Home Depot in my yoga pants, he complied. I bought an $8 sheet of pegboard, and $8 worth of different sized pegboard hangers.

The desk was made out of a sheet of plywood that my husband attached to three boards screwed into the walls. A fourth piece of wood was screwed just under the front of the desk to make it more stable. All of the wood was scrap that had been sitting in our garage.

Then I painted the desk and the pegboard with blue paint that was leftover from our family room makeover a few years ago. In total, I spent just $16 on this project.

Once the paint dried, it was time to add all the stuff. And I've got a lot of craft stuff. Sorting through it all, I found tools and supplies to do everything from making jewelry and clay beads to scrapbooking and candlemaking. It's still a work in progress and I've got some great ideas for organizing all my stuff - one of which involves getting a new camera so I can actually take better pictures than my silly phone camera! So stay tuned...

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  1. Oh my gosh, it's perfect! I see so much creating happening in this space for you!