Sunday, February 22, 2015

Placemat pillows

I love pillows, and always envisioned my couches, chairs and beds overflowing with various shapes, sizes and colors of comfy pillows. But pillows can be an investment, and I as much as I like to change my decorating from season to season - or just on a whim - I couldn't always commit to having lots of throw pillows around. Until I found an awesome tutorial about how to make pillows from placemats.

Does the placemat here look familiar? I bought it last week at Target on clearance. It was less than $3. All I needed to transform it into a pillow was a tiny pair of scissors, needle and thread and some fill, which can be found at any craft or sewing store.

This 32 ounce bag of fill might seem a little large for a placemat, but believe me - once you start stuffing, it all finds a place to fit in. In order for this to work, you need to buy a placemat that is lined with fabric. Then,  take a small pair of scissors and carefully start cutting at the seam on one edge of the placemat. You want to just cut the thread, and not the placemat itself. Once you have opened a small hole - all you need is about three or four inches - start stuffing the inside with fill.

Make sure you staff the fill all the way into the corners of the pillow. Use something long - like the handle of a wooden spoon - to push the fill into the corners. You can use whatever you have on hand - I used the end of my son's toy putter because it happened to be sitting close by! Once you have it filled to your liking, stitch up the hole and your pillow is done. For just a few dollars, you've got custom pillows to punch up your decor - and you can change them without guilt the next time you decide to redecorate.


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  2. Great idea, it turned out great! Stopping by from Cook It! Craft it! Share it! link party :)