Wednesday, March 4, 2015

For Peeps sake, isn't it Spring yet?

Do you live someplace warm? If so, congratulations. Where I live, it's snowing and cold with no end of winter in sight. It just makes a girl wonder...

If you are still shivering like me, click on this free Peeps printable and print it out to add a little Spring color to your space. And then check out some of these great Spring decorating ideas featuring Peeps! I'm not a big Peep eater, but I have been known to stick them on cupcakes or pile them in a big glass jar for decoration. Last year, I bought a large piece of styrofoam and cut it out into the shape of a Peep. I used it as a wreath on my front door.

And even though I said I don't like to eat Peeps - I do like chocolate. A lot! So last year, I dipped some Peep chicks in chocolate and sprinkles and they were delicious - not to mention, pretty darn adorable. And they were a perfect project for my kids, which made them even more awesome.

So if you are like me and dreaming of warmer weather, take solace in these Spring ideas inspired by Peeps on the Pinterest board below. And share your your favorite Peep ideas with me in the comments below! I'd love to hear from you.

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