Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Birthday photo banner

Do you use any photo editing programs? I've gotten a bit addicted to PicMonkey and am finding a million ways to incorporate it into my crafting projects, my latest of which was this fun birthday banner for my husband's birthday.

PicMonkey is a simple online photo editing tool that allows you to be your own graphic designer and photo editor. You can use it to add words to photos or graphics. You can even combine several photos to make a collage. You can use PicMonkey for free or pay a small yearly fee to access more features of the site. I paid the fee and am definitely getting my money's worth!

I decided to make a birthday banner using pictures of my kids that I had taken on their last day of school, I used PicMonkey to add red party hats on their heads, a birthday sign and red and yellow bunting.

I saved the photos to a thumb drive and went to my local Walgreen's where I printed out 10 4-by-6 prints and two 5-by-7 prints. It cost about $9. Back at home, I used a hole punch to add holes to the top two corners of each picture, then cut a long piece of twine that I threaded through each picture, connecting them to each other side by side.

I hung the finished banner from the pendant lights over my kitchen island.

Do you use photo editing programs like PicMonkey? If so, I'd love to hear about your projects - and see them, too! Share photos with me in the comments below.

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