Monday, June 22, 2015

Creating an "Old Man Kit" for the birthday "boy"

Birthdays are a great reason to get silly. And what better way to celebrate a milestone birthday than to have fun with it? I created this "Old Man Kit" for my husband's birthday as a way to ease the blow of turning the big 5-0.  

I used a container in the shape of a paint can for this project because it seemed like a manly choice, but you could use any container you like. And instead of buying some kind of decorative shredded paper for the bottom of the can, I grabbed some scrapbook paper I had, cut it into thin strips, crunched it with my hands and sat it in the bottom of the can to add some color and cushion.

Now for the fun part. Fill your kit with all kinds of things your birthday boy might need. For example:

1. A new toothbrush and toothpaste to take care of those teeth so he won't get dentures.
2. Straws in case we need to start blending his food up so he can "eat" it.
3. A note pad for him to write things down so he won't forget them.
4. Just for Men hair color for all those gray hairs.
5. Old Spice - because really, does anyone under 50 wear this stuff?
6. A magnifying glass to help him see better.
7. Ibuprofen for his aches and pains.
8. Glow sticks to keep on hand in case his eyesight gets bad and he needs some extra light.

Get creative and make it fun!

Finish up your kit with stickers. My son used black letters on the top of the can to spell out "Old Man Kit" and then added mustache, ties, and top hat stickers around the can.

This was such a fun project and could be adapted for so many other occasions. Think of all the possibilities! What kind of kit would you make for someone turning 13 or 21?

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