Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Make your work space less like work

I spend the majority of my day in a cubicle. And let's face it, the sterile, gray cube does little to spark my creativity. So I've been on a mission lately to make the space feel more like me. I'm exchanging the supply closet tape dispenser and black binder clips for something that's a little easier on the eyes.

I found some great inspiration on the web - as usual. Check out this adorable bunting on this cubicle. What a fun, cheerful space to work in. I love that she chose yellow, which is such a happy color.

Source: Confessions of a Serial Cheapskate

And speaking of yellow, check out these bright yellow letters on Meg's cubicle. I love that they spell out WORK!

Source: Made by Meg

Many days in the office we daydream about being on vacation. So why not bring that to your cube? Just add little bit of velcro to some inexpensive frames with your favorite travel photos to transform your space. The plant also helps to add some life to this space.

Source: Empirella
You could also cover your walls in inspirational quotes to keep you going throughout the work week. Here, the cubicle walls are decorated with favorite sayings and pictures. And why not add a decorative pillow and even a throw rug to your space?

Source: The Every Girl
So with all this inspiration I've started my own cubicle makeover. I got rid of my blah supply closet notepads and found two long chipboard pads at Homegoods that are perfect for jotting down notes while I'm on the phone or at meetings. At Target, I hit the dollar spot for some small glass jars and filled them with purple, blue and cream-colored push pins and paper and binder clips. 

That's just a sneak peek into my cubicle makeover. It's still a work in progress but I'll reveal the entire thing on the blog soon. 

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