Friday, August 14, 2015

August - the everything month!

So much for the lazy days of summer. August for me is always a very busy month. Both of my kids have August birthdays. Plus there's the back-to-school rush of supply and clothes shopping, hair and doctors appointments - every little thing you try and fit in before the first day arrives. And just because I'm not busy enough - she says with sarcasm - I decided to do my first craft show. Well, technically I've applied to participate and am waiting to hear if I was chosen. Here's a little sneak peek at what I've been crafting...

I've been making a lot of trips to Home Depot, loading up on these cool natural tiles. They are delicate and break easily - I've learned this the hard way! But they are the perfect canvas for making coasters. I've mainly been making ones with maps on them, but I've recently tried adding ones with fun sayings or pictures.

Hanging above my craft space, I've been displaying my other works of art: glass pebble magnets. I love these so much that I made a ton last Christmas to give away. Who doesn't need magnets? And you can make them in a million colors and patterns, pack them in cute tins and they are perfect as gifts.

Is August a busy month for you, too? What kinds of crafting are you doing in between the craziness? I love hearing from you so please leave a comment below! And thanks for stopping by.

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