Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Back-to-school wreath

The walls in my craft closet are covered with wreaths. I have wreaths that I pull out for all different occasions and I hate the thought of stuffing them into a box in the attic. Instead, I display them on the closet wall, hanging each one from old nails that are placed with no rhyme or reason. I've shared some of my favorites with you already - including my faux Valentine's Day box of chocolates. Perhaps my second favorite one is my back-to-school wreath - which makes a festive background for any first day photos.

I decided to make this a few years ago while I was school supply shopping with the kids. I found packs of generic crayons and pencils for a $1 each and I couldn't pass them up. I knew I could transform them into something.

To go with my office supply store finds, I bought ribbon and a chalkboard from the craft store. At home, I laid everything on my kitchen table and arranged and rearranged everything before deciding I would hot glue the crayons around the chalkboard. I turned over the chalkboard and arranged the pencils in a huge circle, hot gluing each to the back. I weaved the ribbon around the pencils and made a messy bow at the bottom. I had extra crayons, which I piled into a glass vase with sunflowers and used as a centerpiece on the kitchen table. 

I hate the thought of summer coming to an end, but I do enjoy pulling my back-to-school wreath out of the closet every year. It makes the transition to the new school year a little more palatable.

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