Monday, September 7, 2015

Craft organizing essentials

Admit it: You've been at someone else's house, in their bathroom, and peeked in their medicine cabinet. You know you have. It's OK. We all have. It's like driving by a beautiful house at night and hoping the lights are on so you can get a look in the windows. Today, how about taking a look in one of my closets? It's my craft closet. I introduced you to my craft closet a while ago and by the looks of it, you can tell it's well used. But even in its messy state, there are some good craft organizing tips to be had. 

  • Because my craft space is in a closet - yes, literally in a coat closet! - there are rods hanging on the walls. At first, I thought this would take up valuable space. Instead, though, I use the rod to hang wreaths that are out of season and my "Create" banner to keep me motivated.
  • I had some floating wall shelves that I wasn't using so asked my husband to drill holes in the back so that we could attach them to the pegboard. They are great for getting supplies off the well-used desktop.
  • A lazy susan holds metal tins full of crayons, markers, pencils and pens and keeps it all easily accessible.
  • Peg board is a great and inexpensive organizing tool that can easily hold and display all your crafting tools. Buy the pegboard and different sized hooks at a home improvement store.
  • A sturdy, large desktop is essential - especially since I have so many crafts in progress! I added a large, inexpensive piece of cork to this plywood tabletop for a crafting surface.
  • Because my craft space is small, I utilize every area I can, including underneath the desk. A large white wooden cabinet originally used for holding shoes now is full of different crafting supplies. And other baskets underneath hold scrapbooking supplies that can easily be taken out when needed.

Two other essentials for a functional craft space are good lighting and access to an electrical outlet. I'm lucky to have an outlet right next to the desk that works perfectly for plugging in my glue gun. The lighting situation, however, is less than desirable. After all, this is a closet! But give me time and I'll craft up a solution to that, too.

Do you have a craft space of your own? What's inside your space?

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