Sunday, September 13, 2015

Organizing greeting cards

I'm the worst at sending greeting cards. I usually buy them in time for someone's birthday or anniversary or to congratulate them on their new baby. But mailing them is a whole other matter. I'm not really good at the whole putting-a-stamp-on-and-going-to-the-post-office thing. By the time I actually get around to it, the birthday or anniversary has long past and the new baby? Well, it's likely a toddler already! But in a weird irony that makes no sense, I do hoard greeting cards. I'm talking about the ones we get in the mail for our birthdays or anniversary - and at one time, years ago, new babies! I used to stuff them in the same drawer in my kitchen hutch, but then I decided to get organized.

I started by taking all of my cards out of the drawer. Here's what the before looked like!

I organized them into four piles, one for each person in the family. I used a hole puncher from my craft tool stash and a $2.99 pack of album rings from the craft store. You can find these where you find scrapbooking supplies. They come in a few different sizes. For this simple project, I bought  1 1/2" rings.

One by one, I punched holes in the top left corner of each card, and threaded them on the rings. When I finished, I was left with four neat "books" of cards for everyone in the family.

Now my greeting card hoard is a lot less messy, and can be easily added to as cards come in. My son has already flipped through his book a few times, laughing at cards and remembering special occasions.

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