Friday, October 23, 2015

Getting craft fair ready

How is it almost Halloween already? And remind me again why I decided to participate in my first craft fair in just three weeks? I have been getting my craft on every night to prepare for the big day but I'm still in a panic. 

I've created some new tile trivets for the holidays, including these for Christmas. Or what about a trivet for your child's teacher? How cute are these? Put a trivet in a pretty basket with some festive kitchen towels or a set of coasters with mugs and hot cocoa and you've got a great holiday gift.

And I couldn't forget Thanksgiving. How cute would these be in your kitchen this fall?

I've even ordered business cards and a Square credit card reader so I'm all set to make some sales!

And when it's all done, maybe I'll get to clean up my craft closet :)


  1. Do you know what I love about your work? It's classy - not "overly" crafty - things I would all want in my home! I am finally getting my act together here and will place a Christmas order soon!

    1. Thank you! That's a nice compliment!

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