Thursday, November 19, 2015

Christmas tree cupcake ornaments

The holidays are a time to indulge in treats of all kinds. How about putting a few treats on your Christmas tree? These cupcake ornaments add a sweet touch to your decor. And the magic to making them can be found at the craft store in a little white bottle.

The secret is texture medium. There are several kinds on the market - DecoArt makes one called Snow-Tex and there's also Aleene's True Snow. I used Snow-Tex for this. It has a paste-like consistency and I used a foam brush to add it to colored Christmas ornaments. You will also need glitter or small multi-colored seed beads (from the jewelry making supply aisle) to be the sprinkles on the cupcakes and red berries (from the floral aisle) to be the cherry on top!

I scored a great deal on these Christmas ornaments. Each box was regularly $9.99 but I found them in the clearance aisle for 75 percent off! The reason? There were a few broken ones in the bunch. But still, it was a good deal and worth it! This is actually a great craft to make after Christmas because you can find round ornaments on sale for practically nothing.

To make the cupcakes, simply paint the Snow-Tex onto the top of the ornament using a foam brush. Be sure to leave the little hook for the ornament hanger exposed so that you can hang your finished creation! Play with the Snow-Tex and move it around with your brush until it resembles frosting. Shake glitter or small beads over the frosting and top with a "cherry" - you may need to add a little dollop of Snow-Tex to it to help it stick. Carefully put the ornament back in the tray it was packaged in  - or perhaps an empty muffin tin - and let it sit overnight to dry.

Hot glue a cupcake liner - I used foil ones - on the bottom and the result are these adorable ornaments that look like they were whipped up in your kitchen!

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