Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Countdown to Christmas mantel banner with free printables

Every year, I buy my kids those advent calendars with chocolate in them. They get excited the first few days to open the little windows, but then the excitement kind of wears off. This year, I decided to do something a little different and created a Christmas countdown banner that hangs on our fireplace. Every day leading up to Christmas, my kids will open a different bag and find a surprise inside.

I like changing up my fireplace mantel for the holidays and it seemed like the perfect place to hang a countdown banner. And it couldn't be easier to put together. You'll need some kind of rope, cord or strong ribbon, small clothespins, small paper bags and a glue stick. I printed out the labels below on thick, white cardstock, cut them out and then glued them to the front of each bag.

The real fun part is filling each bag up with treats! You can put anything in the bags you like. I scoured the Dollar Spot at the entrance to Target and found lots of fun stuff to put in the bags, including candies, chocolates and little erasers shaped like Santa. Try to look for things that aren't that heavy - you want your banner to be light enough to hang!

You can download the labels herehere and here.

Fill your bags, use clothespins to secure them to your rope or ribbon and then secure them to your mantel. You can use stocking holders for this or, in a pinch, tie the ends of the banner around two heavy vases on either end of the mantel.

The result is a really fun addition to your holiday decor and your kids will enjoy opening one bag a day as they countdown to Christmas!

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