Monday, November 9, 2015

Holiday DIY pie boxes

I recently took a day off of work with a friend and spent the day antiquing around several small country towns. We happened upon lots of little shopping spots, from spooky old barns filled with dusty treasures to cute little holiday shops brimming with primitives and smelling of scented candles. Our favorite places were those that took unusual objects and used them in interesting ways. It gave us great ideas on how to use our own finds in fun ways and it brings me to today's post - which is someone else's idea. Sometimes, the craftiest things I do are ideas that come from other people. Sometimes, I'll put my own spin on things. But other times, an idea is just too cute to change. That's the case with these pie boxes.

All the credit for these pie boxes go to Martha Stewart and a few creative bloggers who took her original pattern and ran with it. I first saw this idea at the Studio DIY blog featuring art from Striped Cat Studios. You can take this basic pie box template from Martha Stewart and print out two copies - one at 100 percent and one enlarged at 110 percent. That way you will have a top and a bottom to your pie box that will fit nicely together.

I made several of these last Thanksgiving and set them around the table so my guests could feel free to take a slice of pie to go. Or you could serve your holiday pies in these so it's easy to sit around the TV and watch some football while eating dessert.

There are lots of great ideas out there for decorating pie boxes. Check out some of these that I've pinned on my free printables board on Pinterest:

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