Wednesday, December 23, 2015

My early Christmas present

I got an early Christmas present this year - a Cricut! I've resisted getting a craft machine like this for a long time. I thought perhaps they were too expensive or too complicated for the simple crafter that I am. But man, was I wrong. This thing is amazing. It's a Cricut Explore Air and the possibilities with this machine are endless. My first project - after making the simple card that comes with the set-up - was to make these vinyl labels for mason jars. Cute, right? So if you have been wondering where I've been the last week or so and why I haven't posted it's because I've literally been spending every waking minute in front of this machine!

The Cricut is an electronic cutting machine that works on cardstock, paper, vinyl, leather, and many other materials. You can use designs already created - and customize them - or create your own. It can cut really intricate designs in just minutes.

I've seriously been putting vinyl on everything I own. And thankfully I opened this gift up before Christmas because I've made some gifts, too, like these water bottles that I'm giving my sports-loving niece and nephew with gift cards.

I've got so many ideas for ways to use this in the new year! I can't wait to share it all with you on the blog.

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