Thursday, December 31, 2015

My top ten of 2015

Happy New Year! Do you have any New Year's Eve traditions at your house? I'm sorry to say that our tradition is going to bed way before the ball drops! This year, that will likely involve some football watching before our eyes close because my husband's favorite college team is playing in a bowl game. But otherwise, it will be pretty tame at our house. I do, however, like pausing for a second to look back on the year that was - the ups and downs, and everything in between. So let's take a look back at my favorite posts from the past year!

1. My map tile coasters were not only a lot of fun to make but also inspired me to participate in my first craft fair - and open an Etsy shop! After filling several orders for the holidays, I'm looking forward to adding more items to the shop in 2016!

2. These styrofoam cups for Easter weren't only adorable but they were super simple.

3. I made bookmarks a few times this year - once for Valentine's Day and once for Halloween. They are easy to make and customize and a good option for sending to school parties since food treats aren't allowed anymore.

4. I've always wanted to find a use for interesting door knobs and I was excited to use them as stems on these faux pumpkins. They turned out great and, with a little wire added in, a really fun addition to my fall decor.

5. No holiday is complete without a festive wreath on the front door. This red, white and blue version for the Fourth of July was made with burlap ribbon.

6. I've made these cupcake Christmas ornaments almost as many times as I've made real cupcakes and they never disappoint!

7. Big milestone birthdays are a great excuse for crafting! I made a giant wooden 50 for my husband with pictures from throughout his life. It was so much fun that I made another for my sister on her big day a month later!

8. I used small paper bags to make a Christmas countdown banner on our mantle. The most fun was taking down the bags and replacing them with holiday cards as they came in.

9. Maps were a big part of my decorating this year. I used them in these framed prints on my family room wall to show the places we used to live.

10. My favorite project this year was the Valentine's box of chocolates wreath - that I'll soon be putting up again in 2016! This was such a fun project - and even my son got involved and helped me paint the "chocolates."

Thanks for sharing this year with me! I'm excited about all the creative things to come in the new year!

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