Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Cozy coffee sleeve

Winter has finally arrived! I know it's been great to have warmer temperatures lately but it just hasn't felt, well, like winter to me at all. But now that there's a chill in the air and a little bit - just a tiny bit! - of snow on the ground, it's feeling more like it should. It's the perfect weather for snuggling up in your favorite blanket on the couch, reading a good book and sipping something hot. Or, if you have to go out, picking up your favorite hot drink. Here's a simple coffee sleeve you can create to make your drink even cozier! 

I made this sleeve out of inexpensive felt from the craft store. It comes in a variety of patterns and colors and I suggest buying a thicker, stronger felt if you can find it. 

The easiest way to make this is to grab some extra coffee sleeves on your next run to your favorite coffee shop. You can use the cardboard sleeve as a pattern, cutting out your felt in the exact shape of your sleeve. Or, if you don't have a ready-made sleeve available, you can freehand a pattern. Make sure the top of your sleeve is about 10 3/4 inches, and the bottom is about 9 1/4 inches. This way, the sleeve will easily fit over the shape of your coffee cup.

I am not great at sewing, but I hand stitched the two ends of the felt together, slighting overlapping them. Use a thread that matches the color of your sleeve so any mistakes you make can be easily hidden. Then, you can embellish the sleeve any way you like. You can add decorative buttons to it, or felt scraps to spell out someone's name. I added my sleeve to a paper coffee cup that I created with my - yes, you guessed it - Cricut machine! Wouldn't this be a sweet gift for a coffee or tea lover you know?  

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