Monday, January 4, 2016

Using what you have to organize toys

On Christmas day when I was a kid, after all the fun and craziness of opening presents was done, my mom would neatly stack everything into orderly piles around the tree. At my house, there's a little less orderliness in our holiday routine. In fact, our tree usually looks pretty messy in the days after Christmas, with an assortment of toys laid out in various stages of play. And that's fine with me - until it's time for the tree to come down and the toys to find a home. That's my biggest challenge every year. We don't have a dedicated play room in our small house and storage is at a premium. So often I find myself getting creative.

One of my son's gifts this year was a racetrack for toy cars. It's awesome - but we don't have the space to keep a racetrack set up 24-7. And the box the track came in was too large to keep. But there was a small section of it that could easily be cut off from the larger box, and it was the perfect size for keeping his tracks neat when not being used. I used a pair of scissors to cut the section from the larger box, then made a "license plate" for it. I used my Cricut to do this, but you could just cut out cardstock and use stickers to do the same thing.

It's definitely not the fanciest idea ever, but it's a simple way to keep his racetracks out of the way when he's not using them. Plus, I love the idea of using something I already had to help me get organized. I spent zero dollars on this project so that feels pretty good!

Try looking around your house and seeing what you can use to organize all the stuff in your life! I bet you will be surprised at all the things you already have that can make your new year a little less cluttered.

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