Monday, January 11, 2016

Valentine's class treats

You can tell you are addicted to crafting when it comes to Valentine's Day. As a mom who works full-time, it would make perfect sense for me to go to the store and buy Valentines for my son's classmates. Boxed cards are cheap, come in a variety of fun characters that kids love and you just add a little plastic trinket to finish it off and you're done. It's the easy, sensible thing to do. But instead, I always have to make my own. I'm kind of crazy like that. 

The hardest part was going online and finding an image I wanted to use. My son loves Star Wars so I was looking for something with that theme. Normally, I wouldn't encourage you to "borrow" an image from the Internet like this, But it's just for fun - you aren't selling these. And let's face it, these Valentines usually get thrown in the trash so it's no big loss.

Once I found an image, I added some wording to it using PicMonkey, and printed them out on heavy cardstock. I used a tiny pair of scissors to cut a slit in the card and put a pencil through it. I used a little bit of tape on the back of the card to hold it into place. To make the pencil look more like a light saber, I cut out a red "T" from cardstock and simly taped it on.

Our schools don't allow food snacks or candy, so it's always a challenge to find a cute Valentine gift. Here are some other creative options:

Source: Blue Robin Cottage
Source: It's Always Autumn
Source: Relocated Living
Adorable, right? And so easy to do - all of them. What's your favorite?

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