Monday, February 29, 2016

Reusing glass jars from the kitchen

I was waiting to get my haircut yesterday when I saw a friend's Facebook post about spaghetti sauce jars. She had ten of them and asked if anyone crafty wanted them. Ummmm, sure, I thought. There's got to be something I can do with them. I scooped them up and stopped at the craft store. Walking aisle by aisle, I was waiting for something to catch my eye. And then I found flowers.

Not real flowers, but small plastic flowers in the sale aisle for $2.99 a pack. They were perfect for the jar tops. I attached them to the lids with hot glue and then headed outside with cans of white, silver and gold spray paint.

So easy, right? Check out these other awesome ideas about ways to reuse glass jars from the kitchen. These are made from pickle jars!

Source: Luzia Pimpinella
Source: Torie Jayne
Source: Apartment Therapy
Are you inspired? Maybe now you'll think twice before throwing out those glass jars and find a fun way to reuse them.

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