Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Sports-themed boys sleepover

The good news is we survived. That's right. Nine little boys sleeping over in our home. And we survived! And now that it's over, I think I figured out how we survived. First, we were prepared. We tried to anticipate everything and have it ready to go. And second, we just let go. That's right - just let go. That one is easier said than done. But going into this party, I realized we were going to have to give the boys a space and just let them be them.

So that's what we did. When the boys arrived, they were greeted by a "laser" maze made out of crepe paper. They had to successfully maneuver through the crazy maze to make their way to the family room, or as I like to call it - ground zero. My son gave it a little quality assurance testing before the party began.

We had two TVs set up in the family room with two gaming consoles, plus a metal cart that we filled with other games for the boys to play. They played a game of Twister and shot some Nerf guns. But I quickly realized their favorite toy of the night would be their pillows. There were quite a few pillow fights, including one that ensnared my teenage daughter.

The only thing I underestimated was that boys don't sit still. We planned for them to watch a movie at bedtime, and some complied, laying still in their sleeping bags that were set up in rows on the family room floor. But most of them just had too much energy to sit still. Maybe all that cake wasn't a good idea? 

All in all, it was a great time, and yes, we survived. But most importantly, my son had a night and an 8th birthday that he will never forget.

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